Thursday, June 19, 2014

Teacher Tip Thursday

Ahh, it's been a busy first week off, minus one day for a math curriculum meeting, I've been enjoying my summer vacation!  I hope everyone is done and enjoying summertime!  

I'm linking up today with the Teaching Tribune and their Teacher Tip Thursday.  This tip is a phrase that I have on a sentence strip in my classroom.  I've had it there a few years and it's become my go to phrase for kids who want to give up on something when it's "too hard" or "I can't..."

I heard this on an episode of Sesame Street a few years ago and thought that would be a perfect something to tell my kids.  So, all I do is point to it on my wall when stuff gets tough and hopefully this is something that they'll remember and take with them throughout their lives.  

Got a great tip?  Head over to The Teaching Tribune and link up!  Happy Thursday!


  1. I want to convince my kids this is true!!! We keep practicing, right?!

    1. Practice and practice and practice! :)

  2. Great advice- for both teachers and students! :)