Monday, May 12, 2014

Seeds are a-sproutin'!

Springtime.... birds are singing, bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming...

People are sneezing... 

Kids are crazy.... teachers are cranky... testing is in full force... the seeds of knowledge that have been planted have hopefully taken root and are ready to sprout and blossom into passing test scores.

You can literally feel the tension pulsating from the parking...19 days to go.

My children have forgotten everything I've told them behavior wise this year.  If I hear "Am I allowed to..." or "Can I...." or just see someone get up and do what ever... it's those I've been with you 156 days and you ask the same thing every day  questions that drive me crazy... please tell me I'm not alone with this!!!

During the few minutes of focus I can grab throughout the day... this is what we discovered today...

A few days ago, we started with a wet paper towel, two lima beans, and a ziploc bag.  I taped them in our window and every couple of days, we take them out to observe what has happened.  Obviously, this lima bean has done very well.  Most haven't shown this much growth, and some have molded up (phew... those bags were not pleasant to open up today!)  In a few days, we'll plant them in soil and see where they go from there.  

We are recording our results and observations in Courtney Bartlett's Plant Observation Booklet (a freebie on her blog!) Love this book!  I've used it the past few years and the kids have done some really good drawings and observations.  The moldy beans today were probably the best because one or two wrote:  My seed molded!

Can't wait to see how big some of these get!  They are excited to know that they could actually eat something from these plants.  Maybe I should read A Bad Case of Stripes since they are lima beans... :)

Happy Monday!

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