Thursday, May 8, 2014

A End of Teacher Appreciation Week Freebie!

Quick post :)

I finished my freebie a little quicker than I thought and decided to go ahead and post it a day earlier than I wanted to.

I've been handwriting goals for my students most of the year and having them put them on their IDR (Individual Daily Reading) 

During IDR, students are spending time in text that is on an independent reading level.  Last year, I did the 5 finger rule, spent time on how to find a just right book, etc.  Time is short this year with so much to do, I just tell them what level to read.  I know I'm probably breaking a hundred reading methodology rules by doing that, but it has made my life much simpler.  Happy teacher, happy class, right?

Anyways, they shop for their books from the cart which has all the GRLs broken down and they can quickly pick from the right basket.  Saves on discipline because they aren't spending a hundred years in the mornings shopping for books.  Happy teacher, happy class??  

Once students have chosen their books, they put them in their baskets and save for IDR time.  This is a block of about 20 minutes that everyone reads.  I conference with the students and we talk about what was read, they read aloud a bit, and we talk about comprehension strategies.  This is where the sticky notes come in.

Can't get the pic to flip!  Agh! #picturefail

At the end of the conference, I'll write down the goals we discussed.  After a few weeks of doing this, I thought..... sticky notes!  Voila!  Your freebie!

Click on any of the pictures to get your freebie!  Hope you can use them and find them as helpful as I have!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

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