Friday, May 16, 2014

Two Step Word Problems

C'mon, you know you love them... word problems, that is.  Especially two step word problems... you love them as much as the kids do!!

Well, my second graders have been working on them this week and we've been adding to our math notebooks...

This is what we write in our math notebooks.  (SN: my summer goal is to make everything we've put into our math notebooks in one place...and have it ready to go! This was the first year we've done math notebooks...)

I really like the part, part, whole models to help solve word problems.  I'm a very visual learner, and I wish I'd had this when I was learning how to rip apart word problems.  It would have saved me lots of fingernails... 

Check back to see how we do more with our two step problems next week!

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