Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Creative Burst

Yup, posting twice in one day... but I'm being considerate because it's 12 hours apart :)  I know, I go the whole month of November without posting and here I go 3 posts in almost 48 hours!

I have started doing math stations in my class... after lots and LOTS of prep.  I'm very excited (and so are the kids!)  We did math stations last week and I'm getting ready for December.  I've bought some, and.... drumroll please... I just made my own for my TPT store!

I'm very excited because this is the first real group of centers that I've made myself.  There are 5 centers and are selfishly what my kiddos have been and will be working on in math.  I have a two digit addition and separate two digit with subtraction centers, place value, odd and even number sort, and pattern task cards included.  

Shameless plug, yes, but stop by my store and check it out... hopefully someone other than myself will be able to use it.  I've got more ideas on the way, and a whole Thanksgiving break to churn them out.  This is some much needed positive energy!!

And again, Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

(Psstt!  TPT cyber Monday sale next week....!!!)

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