Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On the first day of 2nd Grade, my classroom looked like...

Well, if you hadn't noticed, I haven't posted in a few weeks.  Between going to the beach for the last hurrah of summer and getting my room ready, I've been just the teensiest bit busy!  I was talking with a friend who has also changed her theme this year and we just said over and over this is kicking our butts!  I'm only changing my classroom theme when my room is NOT being used for summer school so I can actually get IN my room before August!  Whew!

I have a great class this year!  I only have 18 kids... last year was 22, the year before was 24... so this is a real treat!  They are really good kids... a little talkative, but otherwise really sweet and genuine!  Not to mention...they love the owls.  I had one this afternoon during dismissal tell me he looked up some owl facts... now how awesome is that?  

I did take pics... :)  I'm very proud of my room and my least what you can see.  I won't talk about my cabinets.  Outta sight, outta mind, right?

First pic... the redo of my guided reading library....

New baskets from the dollar store (that match....hallelujah!) and labels that hopefully won't fall off every time a kid walks past.  The letters were floating around Pinterest for a while... can't find my pin but will find the link when I can!!  I have levels G-P on the front and chapter books and levels Q-Z on the back.  Don't have many 2nd graders with that high of a reading level, but they are there for them to look at :)

Next calendar journals...

I, like an idiot, didn't take a picture of my calendar area!  I bought one from Primary Inspired and LOVE it!!!

Here are the journals that I had made!!  The rumors are true... Office Max cut these for my friend and I for $5 and some change.  They can cut 3 at a time, and it's $1.25 for each cut... we cut 20 notebooks and split them....and got $5 off for being teachers :)  

I made the labels in Word and printed 10 on a full sized sheet of labels and cut them out.  The calendar graphic is a KPM Doodles and the font is one of the Hello fonts from Hello Literacy.

Owl Word Wall I love this!  I can't wait to start putting words up!  I'm going to put a sentence strip under each letter and add words.... got so tired of pocket charts!!

Clock wall and schedule...  The clock hints have an owl on the background (from the 3AM Teacher!) and then my schedule cards.  I made both the clock hints and the schedule cards.  I love them!  I've also made a set for all my coworkers.  Thinking about uploading them to TPT...hmmmm..... yup...I've already lost one piece!  Glue gun FAIL!

Beside my clock to the left is my small group reading area.  The READ letters I made earlier in the summer...yeah, they didn't match my theme at all, so I gave them to my friend across the hall who is doing a zebra theme....I made different ones :)

My filing cabinets didn't get the dream Pinterest makeovers that I've been seeing and drooling over all summer... but they do look nice with my subway art that I've found!!

My owl tags look great on my kids' IDR shopping bags!  Now they can "shop" for their independent reading books in style lol!

And lastly... my owl wreath!!!

I found the "Classroom Rules" (Melonheadz) floating around Pinterest and thought I needed it... wasn't sure what I was going to do with it until I hung my wreath.  I thought it was a perfect match!  

Still have a few more things to get organized like I want... the first week of school is always so busy... but I've enjoyed redoing my room.  Hope you've enjoyed looking at my classroom!!

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  1. Your room looks great. I love your clock. Great idea!
    The Hive