Saturday, September 8, 2012

Venting a few frustrations...

Whew!  Has it been a hectic start to the year!  (Can I get an AMEN?)  I can't remember being so frazzled the previous 8 times I've started a new school year!  Geez...

I have a wonderful class... 19 kiddos, most are well-behaved, polite, caring.  I have one that I am going to bump heads with this year because he/she is so mean and likes to push the limit.  Several come to Jesus meetings later, I think we are making some progress but I'm going to be optimistic!

My kids have loved the owl theme.  They talk about seeing owl things out and about, or they're excited when they have an owl on their clothes, or see one in a book...

I've created a monster :)  

One frustration, and my main frustration is my lowest student...

Friends, I need help.

This child is the weakest child I've ever taught who was not given services.  The reading level is C or DRA 3.  Word study DSA - only 1 word correct in Letter Name.  Just to compare... my next lowest student got 15 words correct on the Letter Name DSA.  There is a developing concept of word, and this child mimics those around while doing our IDR (Independent Daily Reading).  I watched TC tracking and there is no return sweep, but a left to right, right to left directionality.  

A magic cure would be wonderful...but I was wondering if anyone had any good websites or resources that I could use for intervention to help this child.  Going back to first grade (which I think would help...) is not an option.  I feel like this child was placed in my room for a reason and I need to help...NOW.

Not being as familiar with Kindergarten type reading issues, I'm reaching out to my blogland buds for help.  TC will be working with a reading specialist, but while TC is in my reading class, I need resources.  I hate to group TC in with my lowest group because that group is so much further ahead, and I have 4 groups already!  Realistically I can't do it!!! (and that frustrates the hockey sticks out of me!!)  I'm hoping to pull TC aside after school while waiting for the bus and other times during the day to help.  I can do some during reading stations (I hope).  

Help a frustrated teacher out??


  1. I had a similar issue and I feel your pain. You just want to do right by the kid. I started writing simple books about the child and made them into a series. I took pictures of the child doing various things and put VERY simple text with it. At first I put stickers under each word for one to one correspondence then I slowly took them away. On the last page I listed new words from the book and we worked with them with magnets and various items. The child loved the books and stayed completely engaged during independent reading time. Also check out Marie Clay's Reading helps big time! As for time...I had to have a fifth group and see the child daily only if for 10 minutes. Another suggestion is to have him sit through several groups right next to you so you can offer him further support. It will also keep his frustration level down because he won't be left alone to flail.

  2. Here's an intervention website that we use; a DRA 3 in 2nd is tough!:

    Prayers coming your way; I love the way that you're owning this little sprout!

    The Corner On Character

  3. I have a very similar issue this year! Thanks to Barbara for that website!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade