Friday, December 23, 2011

Attention, attention please!

Well, in a creative spurt that only took an hour few minutes, I created a new button for my blog.  The old one, well, to be frank Scarlett, sucked.  I made it and thought it was awesome, but after awhile, it just looked blah.  Annnnddd, it didn't really show what my blog was about.

The new and *improved!* button shows that I'm in a non-optimistic career (at times...let's say, 85% of the time).  My school is in year 2 of year 2 of school improvement (yup, I meant to say year 2 twice...we made AYP don' in math last year and are currently in a "holding" year for math) and each year, I feel like the list gets longer while nothing else gives.  It's really hard to focus on the kiddos when you have to piles of irrelevant paperwork.  Who cares if I have to contact a certain number of parents each week (which I do ANYWAYS) and keep up with that?  Does it make me a better teacher if I don't maintain a record?  Seriously?  sigh and defeat But I suppose you do whatcha gotta do.

My button also tells everyone that I teach the awesomest grade EVER.... And I do mean EVER!  2nd grade people....that's where it's at! And having taught 3rd and 5th grade also, I can proudly say that (bahaha).  

Side note:  I saw one of my former students that I had the PRIVILEGE to teach in 2nd AND 5th grade (how lucky!!!).  Now keep in mind I've only taught 7 full years, going into year 8.  I'm 5'7 and I was looking at this beautiful teenager at EYE LEVEL.  WTW?  Hard to believe they grow so quickly (and so freakin' tall!!!)

Then later I saw one of my current second graders and was happy to see that he was still way below eye level, restoring my faith completely.   No heels for this girl....not until PTC.  That's when I bring those puppies out.  All business! Bahah!

Yes this is a very random post, but I think after teaching, all teachers either develop ADD or get it from a contact high.  Seriously.  Having your own children doesn't help either.

And with that, please check out my new button.  Probably won't post again for awhile but I want to wish all a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy what Santa brings (either watching precious faces or unwrapping your own) and enjoy your family.  

And since Stacy was so kind to me and giving me a shoutout- y'all, we are within like two hours of each other and teach the same grade...too cool!- check out my fellow blogger!

Stacy at 2nd Grade Paradise
She's got a lot of awesome ideas over at her blog, especially on her seating arrangements...go check it out!


  1. Got it on my blog roll now and love it!
    Merry Christmas!
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. Changing it as soon as I get done commenting and THANKS for the shout out friend! :) It's a small blog world! Merry Christmas!...oh and I LOVE the new button!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  3. saw your blog on 2nd Grade Paradise-- I'm a new follower! =)

    Third Grade in the First State