Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So, I'm not thankful for.... linky party

Yup.  The title is right, no typos here!

Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies is having a I'm NOT Thankful linky party.  And since we've talked til we're blue about what we're thankful for, let's have some fun and tell what we're not thankful for :)

I am not thankful for...
1.  I am not thankful for the spider that has been currently residing in my classroom.  I hope that absence will make his heart grow fonder of greener pastures over Thanksgiving break and he will move on.
Can you believe I got close enough to this critter to take a pic of it?  Ugh, gives me creeps x 1000 just looking at it.

2.  I am not thankful for sugar-free candy.  Could have a laxative effect?  That's just mean.  Why not tell us not only can we not have the real thing, that it will turn our insides to liquid?  Yummo.

3.  I am not thankful for people who cause drama.  In my classroom, we call them instigators. Save the drama for your mama.  And even she probably doesn't want to hear it.  I have a real problem with people blaming others or their upbringing/situations for their problems.  Grow up and get over it.  Yes, life sucks and sometimes deals you a bad hand, but and try to make the best of it.  

4.  I am not thankful for reality shows (sorry, I know some of my blogging buds heart them immensely) but I just don't have the patience for some them.  See previous not thankful for.

5.  I am not thankful for the adult bathroom at my school.  Why should I be thankful for something I don't get to use?  My good friend/co-worker says we should just have all the kids come with catheters and just get rid of all bathrooms in the building so we can focus more on instruction.  She is sarcastic like me which is why I am thankful for her :)

Link up and give your NOT thankful list :)

Y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving <3

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  1. Thank you for joining the party, Haley! That is one big spider...hope he moves quickly!!
    First Grade Blue SKies