Tuesday, November 22, 2011

d.u.n. = done!

Wishing all my blogging buds a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I can very happily say that because I am done with SCHOOL for the WEEK!  Yeah, yeah, I know some of you punks wonderful peeps had the whole week off, but that's okay.  I was able to use yesterday and today to do some fun stuff with the kiddos.  We made Thanksgiving story booklets, Thankful Turkeys, watched Charlie Brown, and other non-standards based fun.  And you know what?

I felt like a teacher.

Can you believe that?  Actually having some fun with the kids.  So what if they had to sharpen their pencils a million times.  I didn't have to rush.  I didn't have to rush through a lesson to squeeze it in.  We were relaxed.happy.nonstressed.

Wow.  You mean that can actually happen in a classroom?  That's an unfortunate reality it seems, but I wanted to thank my pinterest and blog buddies for sharing all these awesome Thanksgiving ideas.  My kids and I enjoyed it and my only regret is that I didn't take pics.  We were having too much fun.

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