Monday, October 24, 2011

First official blog entry about teaching....and maybe a freebie?

Well, gonna try and make a go of blogging.  Don't know if the steam will follow through or I'll burn out, but trying to channel some creative frustrations.  I'm a 2nd grade teacher.  I've taught 2nd grade 5 years, 5th grade math for two years, and 3rd grade reading for 1 year.  I love 2nd grade.  The kids are at a great age for learning and excitement is everywhere!  Mine are especially excited about Halloween next week.  My grade level is doing a witches' brew celebration and using some blogging finds for our activity.  Not that we need anything else exciting to add to the kids' enthusiasm :) 

Since this is my first official posting, I thought I'd celebrate by including a synonym literacy station.  :)  Hope you can use it!  Click here for Floating Synonyms :)

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