Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yay for Two for Tuesday!

I don't need a good excuse to go shopping, especially for school stuff, but Two for Tuesdays don't disappoint!

Well, I totally forgot to change back my Two for Tuesday products from last week, so if you need some math centers, check last week's post {here} to see if you can use them!  I'll leave them half off, too!

This week's goodies are for Back to School!

Need a simple clip chart?  I have two included in this packet!  I use a point system in my classroom where students need 15 points to earn their weekly behavior reward.  This way, I reward good behavior more, and if a kid has an off day, it doesn't throw them out for the whole week.  

It's only $1 today!!

My other goodie is my newest product - Number cards to 120!  These are great for anything around your classroom, math centers, calendars, whatever!  They are 3" square, so they'll fit in those calendar pocket charts.  I have these in spring and winter, too and have received a lot of good feedback on them so I decided to make some for anytime!  They are also ink friendly!  They are also just $1 today! 

Head over to the Teaching Tribune and see what other half priced goodies you can find!

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