Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday!

I am so enjoying this week's link ups from The Teaching Tribune!  What a fun idea!  I have one and a half days left of work this week and then it's sweet summertime!  I can't wait to spend time with my sweet little family this summer!

How could you not with faces like those?  Ugh....squishy cheeks!  Well, those cuties are NOT my two for Tuesday, but I couldn't resist sharing :)

I'm linking up again with The Teaching Tribune to share two of my favorite (and newer!) TPT products.  For this link up, I picked two of my TPT items to put at 50% off!  Yes, this girl will be doing some shopping today!  

The first is my 2nd Grade Word Work Sight Word Boggle Boards.  I made these for my students this year who LOVED to play boggle.  I couldn't give them a board fast enough.  Then I had a bright idea... why not incorporate some sight words in the boggle boards?  That was all she wrote!  I am going to use these as one of my literacy stations next year.  There are 36 boards, enough for each week of the school year!  

My second product is my Buggy for Long Vowels packet.  I made this to help my students work on common long vowel patterns (VCe patterns and vowel teams).  These are hard for second graders (and others, too!) so I tell my kids there's not really any trick but good old fashioned memorization and recognition... but they liked using this packet.  I even saw on word study tests where they'd written the word using both patterns to see which looked correct!  

So check these out!  They'll be half off until Wednesday morning at midnight!  If you snag them, please leave some awesome feedback :)  And link up!

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