Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made it! AND Monday Meet Me

Oh, I've missed doing these!

I didn't get to do these last year, but did the summer before and they were so much fun!  Gave me another excuse to get a little messy and creative over the summer!

Well, I've not done anything too crafty because I'm still packing up my classroom.  But I thought I'd share with you a memo board that I made awhile back to help with bus notes for my kids...

I saw this pin on Pinterest....

and while I haven't gotten around to hanging it up, or even finding a good spot by the door, I'm still loving this!  The kids even put their notes on the board for me!  

I just took an old bulletin board (small), and covered it with owl fabric (of course!) and crisscrossed twine to make the holders.  I had some owl ribbon and hot glued around the edge.  I also put buttons where the twine crossed to make the twine stay tight.  It's sitting on my bookshelf by my door.  I'm trying to figure out a way to hang it vertically on the side of the bookshelf for next year.  I see some command hooks in my future.

What have you made?  Link up to Tara's weekly Monday Made its!

and for the 2nd link up...

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  1. Your owl memo board turned out too cute! Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics