Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product Swap #2

I'm so excited to post about my second product swap from Mrs. Stanford's Class.  It is such a great idea and a great way to see other blogger's products!


I had the privilege to be paired up with Storie at Stories by Storie.  Check out her blog and her store... lots of awesome things to pick!!  I had a hard time... :)


Well, I chose to preview Storie's Math Mania.
There were lots of cool games, from basic addition to subtraction, telling time, and money.  Here's the description from her TPT store:

Math Mania contains 5 math games/centers. The games/centers target addition and subtraction facts, telling time, counting coin combinations, and comparing coin totals. I will be using them with my second graders in the fall. The games/centers could also be used with first grade students or third graders who need to review these skills.

Sort it Out – This is an independent math center for students to practice addition facts with sums of 7-18. 

Take 10 – Students make sums of 10 in a game played like Go Fish.

Cover-Up – A dice game for students to practice addition and subtraction facts.

Coin Count & Compare – This is an independent math center for students to practice adding and comparing combinations of coins. 

Time Out – This includes an independent math center and a game. The independent math center allows students to practice telling time. Three sets have been included (telling time in 15 min. increments, 5 min. increments, and to the minute). The math game is played like Memory or Concentration. Students will match an analog clock with a digital clock.

My kiddos won't get to time and money until February, so these will be perrrrrfect for my math stations.  I did, however, let them use the first game, Sort it Out, which is a great independent game for them to have in their Math Stations.  One of mine said, hey, we are sorting just like we do in Word Study, only with numbers!  (YAY for making connections!!)

I printed them out at school (boo for no color ink), but I did think of a great way to keep the pieces from getting mixed up...

Directions for the game... very simple to follow and use!

Each game is printed on one sheet...

Game pieces laminated... and stickered!!!

I used the same color sticker for each game in case the pieces got lost or mixed up.  I stored each separate game in a ziploc baggie and then put in my math station game boxes.  

I would definitely recommend this as a great game for math stations, centers, or independent work.  I love that after the prep, it is a game that could be left in a math station rotation to be played over and over.  (And for a frazzled teacher... this has been wonderful!!!)

Storie did a review on two of my products:  
and my NEW...

Since you read all the way to the end.... I'm going to do a Rafflecopter to pick two winners for my graphic organizers packet and Picking Place Value packet...  sign up below!!

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  1. Thank you, Haley! I like the idea of putting stickers on the back side to keep pieces from getting lost or put into the wrong baggies.
    Stories by Storie

  2. I love Storie! She's such a sweet woman and has amazing products. Glad you got to swap with her :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. What a great idea for keeping pieces organized! Had to follow a fellow Virginia blogger!

    Young Daze in 5th Grade