Friday, October 5, 2012

Just one of those days

I wanted to blog last night, but I decided not to.  I had a lot, and I mean a lot.... of negative energy in me last night.  Needless to say, I had a bad day yesterday.  It's been a bad week.  Why is it that everything seems to fall all at once?  Murphy must be laughing hysterically wherever he is, writing his fabulous law.  Report cards, professional developments, SMART goals, personal goals, faculty meetings, dance classes, dinner, bathroom breaks, you get the idea :)

Well, I won't get into the details of what happened yesterday, but to sum it up briefly so you can make your connection... my grade level and I were at a district wide professional development for our grade which we had sat through more or less previously and then were treated like children.  I've had a high school diploma for awhile, and two college degrees... ummm.... please don't insult my intelligence and professionalism.  And I'll leave it at that.  

I was in a foul mood.  I was job searching.  I have been all week.  Until today, that is :)  For some reason, when I came to school this morning, I felt relaxed.  I didn't have to drop my daughter off this morning, so it was just me.  I was able to go in, not freaking out about what my substitute did or didn't get done.  I was just happy to see my classroom still standing, in order, and no worse for the wear.  I wanted to enjoy teaching my kids today.  And that's what I was going to do.

And it was a great day...

We took our Social Studies test early.  We did a little math, did a follow up to a visualizing lesson I'd left the day before, reviewed our vocabulary words, did Word Study tests, and then, I pulled out some paint.  It was wonderful, wonderful, awesome.  I had my hands in paint and it felt energizing.  My kids were soooooo excited.  The chatter in the room had an electric hum to it...  While they were working, I was pulling kids over to the table to paint.  Here's some of the pictures they made....and I made :)

It was a LOT of fun... did forget for a little bit it was picture day... hope no one got any paint on their clothes!  I've already got them hanging up in the main hallway for conferences next week.  I'm so proud of their work!!  Let me know what you think... they'll be so excited that other teachers saw their art!


  1. Glad your day was better today! I love the trees...they are so cute! Wish I had more time with my kiddos, I'd try it with them!

    Spotted Around the School

  2. So nice to see that your week got better. I hate PD where you are not treated as you deserve to be. Enjoy where you are because it could be worse elsewhere (like the next county over). Enjoy your weekend!

    Reading Toward the Stars