Monday, January 16, 2012

Wishing I Had Thicker Skin

This might come across as a whiny post, so if whiny isn't your thing, please click the back button now.

I wish I had thicker skin because I got my first unpleasant feedback on my TPT/TN store tonight, just as I sat down to date night dinner with the hubs.  Yes, I keep my phone with me, especially since the two year old was at grandma's, just incase.  And yes, I am slightly addicted to technology.  Maybe instead of following optimism (which isn't working out, btw) I should have named this blog slightly addicted to technology.  Anyways, I was just about to take a bite into my calzone when buzz buzz, my gmail popped up: you have new feedback!  Wahoo! (or so I thought!)  

I have never taken criticism well, especially on something that I have created.  Bad grade on a test, eh, okay.  A project that I created, not so good.  So when I read the words "blah blah blah"  (to protect the critic, I'm not sharing what they said) a little bit of me just cringed.  Wilted.  That calzone suddenly didn't taste so good.  

Now for those devil's advocates out there, yes, I understand that feedback does mean that not everyone is going to like what I offer, not everyone is going to like my choice of font or clip art, etc.  Feedback doesn't mean I'm going to like what you have to say either.  But I did clearly state what was in my unit. 

It wasn't a truly horrible feedback, but it does make me wish that I had thicker skin.  I think part of me just has a hard time standing up and defending myself.  Never have been good with confrontation.  Oh gracious, this is turning into Psychology 101 here.  But criticism does have a place, and yes, I'm going to go back and look (which I already have, and I'm not changing anything) at my unit and make sure that I have clearly stated exactly what that packet entails and as long as I can be satisfied (and the others who have bought that same thing and left awesome feedback) I can live with that.

My original idea was to post about what I found at the Target Dollar bins.  My Target is in the process of being renovated (yay! we even have the cool new carts!!)  I found some really cool teaching stuff.  No 100 day stuff like I was hoping to find, but cool stuff nonetheless.

These are super freaking cute magazine holders (and $1!)  I think they had some other colors, but I was S-O-L-D when I saw the black, pink, and white.  I bought 3 of them.  Have no idea what I'll use them for, but HAD to have them.

And here's what they look like assembled.  :)

They had matching folders (*sigh*) but I needed 12 to go in my new hanging organizer, and the packs in the school supply aisle were actually cheaper than getting 2 per pack from the dollar bin.  Alas, they won't match (which is killing the OCD in me) but for $1.50 less, I think I'll get over it.  

I saw on Pinterest this pin from Tales of a Teacherista and how her desk/filing cabinets were set up.  I've always wanted a hanging file organizer and I finally just broke down and bought one. has cute hanging file organizers like the one I purchased:

and several other CUTE designs like zebra, jungle, wood, and lots of solid colors.  They even have cute folders :)  

I only wish my desk area looked this neat and CUTE!  But I'm gonna give it a try.   

Well, back to school tomorrow after a 4 day weekend.  I don't want to go, but I just got a call from two of my coworkers and they're not going to be there for family reasons (send up a prayer for them both, one has a sick baby and the other has a brother fighting leukemia and we think the battle might come to an end soon :'(... puts things into perspective... 

Thanks for listening as always...


  1. Cute target finds! I love that hanging file folder idea really cute! I'm going to check for one now too... Anyway love your blog ! U rock. Don't let people get u down! I hope you took the calzone home to enjoy so yummy!!!

  2. I'm so sorry about your negative feedback. I don't handle criticism well either, so I totally understand how you're feeling.
    On the bright side, I love your Target finds. My hubs has banned me from Target for awhile. :( I used to work right across the street from was bad news. :)
    Stories From Second

  3. Cute Target finds! I love those magazine holders!

    Don't worry about bad feedback, I think you are great!

  4. Just remember you can't please everyone. :/ Sorry about the negative feedback. As long as you were upfront about what the unit had in it, it is not your fault if it wasn't what they expected!

  5. oh girl, I'm so sorry...I know how you feel. You don't like it when SOMEONE doesn't "like" you or your product...or whathaveyou....Hopefully they said it in a way that was less like criticism and more like a suggestion??
    And CUTE finds!!!
    And yes! I used to use a hanging file folder pocket chart for my centers, until I moved to kids were having a hard time keeping them organized, and my centers were becoming more and more cumbersome and wouldn't fit in there! lol!
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to you. It's so hard not to take it personal and beat yourself up over it, but try to hold your head high. Regarding your Target finds...I have purchased several of the magazine holders. I have found that once assembled, if you use packing tape and tape the bottom up really good that it is more sturdy and will stand up better. Hope that helps! :o) SMILE!

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff