Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Patterns and a freebie!

Anyone else about to go slam crazy at their class?  Mine are so wild today!  I can't keep them occupied...grrrrrr!  I hate to be a Scrooge but I'm looking at my behavior chart right now and I have 3 students on red, 4 on yellow, and one across the hall in a different class because students was RACING.TO.THE.BOOKSHELF not once, not twice, but three times.  I watched student.  I counted to five. %& !#@$% I.COUNTED.TO.FIVE.AGAIN. *&^(*@&#(^!*#& :)

I had just finished with a really cute lesson on patterns.  This is a review from 1st grade so it went really well and the kiddos picked right up on it.  We made a foldable and folded a piece of paper into fourths.  Then we labeled each box with AB, ABB, ABA, and ABC patterns and drew an example of each with Christmas themed pictures.  

Well, since inspiration helps to calm my frazzled, frayed, and {} nerves, while my kiddos were finishing up extending their patterns, I made this freebie to share with you, AND to celebrate hitting 20 awesome, fantabulous followers!  I know 20 is small potatoes compared to some blogs, but for 2 months into this journey, I am excited!  Y'all know how to make a girl feel appreciated!  

So, here's your freebie.  

And two questions.....

How are your classes handling the rapid decline to Christmas break?  What are you doing to tame the wild beasts?  Lump of coal in the stocking seems a little outdated lol.  

Ugh...faculty meeting in 30.  I can do it....I can do it.....Can I do it??? :)


  1. I'm there with you. I had a staff meeting today too. I love them so! NOT!!!! If you figure out how to calm the kiddos please let me know!!! Nothing is working in my classroom... One more week... I can do it...I can do it!!!

    First Grade Delight

  2. My kids were crazy today! Read all about it at my blog. Nothing is working right now, sadly!
    2B Honey Bunch

  3. I think mine have all gone bat-shit insane. Just sayin! :)