Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Resolutions Linky Party #2

Yay!  Another linky party!  (yes, I'm still on vacay and YES, I'm blogging!)

Mor over at A Teacher's Treasure is having a 2012 resolution linky (and it's gonna hold you accountable!  love it!)  So, here goes nothing!

1. copy and paste this image to your post & link it to this party!
2. Make sure you include both personal & professional goals.
3. No more then 3-5 goals for each.

thought it would be funny to write these in the form of standards since that is an objective I am all too familiar with bahahaha

PG1:  This adult will lose at least 10 pounds with 100% accuracy.  (I lost 40 after I had my daughter but have gained half of it back...poo.  Think I'd better fix that.)  Exercise and eat better...yes Haley, this means no more chocolate chip more Snickers... and for goodness sakes, lay off the fries!

PG2:  This adult will admit that she has potty mouth and will with 100% accuracy not say ugly things in front of her two year old repeating daughter.  I'm such a bad momma...but I've always had a potty mouth.  Better fix that Haley.

PG3:  This adult will with 90% accuracy try to remain stress free and drama free.  My home/classroom will remain a stress/drama free zone.  Save the drama for yo' mama and I'll bet she even doesn't wanna hear it!

PG4:  This adult will create more financial opportunities by expanding both TPT and Teachers Notebook stores.  May as well, right?


PRG1:  The teacher will create more meaningful units (to include SS and science with reading and math) to make better lifelong learners.  It's only right and fair to make kiddos like school!  

PRG2:  The teacher will be more approachable to her students.  I'm guilty as sin... I sit at my desk in the mornings (75% of the time).  Sometimes I am at my door, sometimes around the room, most of the time not too happy.  Yeah, yeah, you're not a morning person, but get over it!

PRG3:  The teacher will incorporate more art (regardless!!) into all areas.  Creative minds = smarter kids!  Art makes you SMART!

We'll see how I do on these... trying really hard to come up with meaningful resolutions this year!


  1. Not a morning person either! Good luck with your goals.
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. omg!!! haha you cracked me up writing them as objectives! just perfect!!! I'm right there with you trying to make more money with TpT & TN!
    I'm actually very much a morning person but my kids always check in to see what mood I'm in first :) haha

    Thanks for linking up!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  3. I love writing your resolutions as objectives! That really gave me a smile. It's what we know, it's what we do. I hope you can meet your goals with 100% accuracy!

    Best wishes as you work on your resolutions!

    First Impressions