Friday, July 11, 2014

Shopping Adventures

You know you've been waiting for it to come...

Don't lie.  You glance over each time you enter the store.

The Target Dollar back to school time... it's a sickness... 

And I'm sooo guilty!

I went with a friend of mine the other day and raided what I could of the back to school goodies that were there.  I did show restraint.  Here's what I bought and what my plans are for each.

1.  8 pocket blue pocket charts-  My plan is to use these new blue ones for my reading group goals and use my old red ones for my reading stations (sequencing, phrases, sight word practice, etc.)

2.  Stickers- because who doesn't need an abundance of stickers, especially if there are owls on some of them!

3.  Index card boxes-  I am going to use these to store my 100 gazillion task cards that I have and don't use because a- I forget I have them, b- I put them some place too safe and can't find them, and c- it justifies my hours of pinning stuff on pinterest because that's where I got the idea for them.

4.  Great Job certificates- they have owls on them.  Well, one owl and other animal things... but I like to use these as a good note home.  

5.  30 count word strips-  15 of a cute stripe pattern, and 15 with a polka dot star pattern.  They fit the pocket charts and they coordinate (extra bonus!) to the blue!

6.  Happy birthday stickers-  I admit... I suck at celebrating my kids' birthdays.  That's an awful thing for a teacher to say... last year I didn't even do anything for them special.  But I will make an effort this year to do so (in my defense your honor, I missed the first 3 weeks of school on maternity leave and I missed a few birthdays then and I felt guilty so I just missed them all....)

I know a lot of you have been to Target and other places already stalking back to school goodies.  I did almost buy some cute little plastic caddies because again, you can never, ever have enough baskets... but I put them back.  As my friend said, do you know what you'll use them for?  No... I replied and shamefully put them back.  It is a serious addiction....

So, what did you buy?

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  1. I love Target!! We made a trip today, but we didn't make it back to the school supplies because Keagan started getting grumpy. I may have to make a solo trip!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late