Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Reading List

Summer....(Frozen fans... cue Olaf's song!!  Bees a-buzzin....)  

I cannot wait.  I have 7 days.  One month until my favorite place is mine for a whole 7 days... OBX fans, shout out!

My plan is to not only get back into blogging full time this summer, but to pick up a few good books while I'm beachside/poolside/couchside, etc.  I saw this link up on a few blogs and thought... I can do this!  So, here's my summer reading list...

#1- The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 8th book in the Outlander series is due out my first day without kids....JUNE 10!  Can I say PREORDER??

If you've never read the Outlander series, you should.  It's freaking aweeeeesome.  Especially if you like kilts...  just saying... It's actually coming out as a TV series soon, too.  If you get Starz, check it out and swoon a little...


Say no more.

#2 on my list- 100 Minutes by Lisa Donohue... there's a book study going on somewhere... but I won't have time to start it until after I get my hands on my Outlander book first... school can wait a bit ;)

What are your reading plans for this summer?  Link up to The Hands-on Teacher in First's Linky and share what your plans are!

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  1. I've seen the previews for the 100 minutes book study and it looks great but my reading list is growing to be something I won't be able to get to. Maybe next summer!

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