Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field Trip!

The year starts to wind down and then one question inevitably arises...


And then I cringe... I've seen how you act in the cafeteria.  I've seen how you act in the hallway... the classroom... the bathrooms... and you want ME to take YOU to a public place?  And pray you behave??

And they do :)  usually...

My team and I took our 2nd graders to Cici's Pizza yesterday for an awesome field trip.  Yes, Cici's Pizza.  The pizza place.  Yeah, that's right.  It was an educational field trip.

Yes, to that pizza place.

If you didn't know,  you will know and be amazed after reading this.  They do an awesome economics field trip called a Lunch and Learn.  We try to coincide this with our unit on Economics, which is always the last unit of the year.  The management at Cici's is awesome.  They think of everything and are very flexible, especially when close to 100 7 and 8 year olds come wanting pizza! 

They learn about human, capital, and natural resources first hand.  They get to see the behind the buffet... the 90 second dishwasher, the dough mixer, the refrigerator, the soda boxes, ovens, buffet, EVERYTHING!  They get to play with raw dough and talk about the resources it takes to make the ewwwy, sticky dough.

They also get to put their math skills to the test and do some pizza math!  Fractions, time, money... it's all there.  

And then... the moment they've all been waiting for... almost patiently.

Making their own pizza... and eating it! 

The restaurant is closed for the majority of the time we are there because we are there before hours, but it's hilarious seeing consumers come in and seeing a room full of kids chowing down on pizza.  Did I say loudly???

Anyways, if you need a new field trip idea, consider your local Cici's Pizza.  You won't regret the trip.  It's awesome for the kids (and teachers... did I mention the kids are contained to one area??)

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