Monday, October 8, 2012

Sick Days and Sub Plans

I wish I could say I was the one who was at home, sick... but it's my 3 year old who is sick.  I'm just at home...writing sub plans.

I hate writing sub plans.  I really dislike writing lesson plans, but at least I know what I mean.  Trying to explain my jumbled mind to another person, well, doesn't always flow the way I'd want it to.

I think I'm just overly detailed, but I'm from the school of thought that I'd rather leave too much (or explain too much) than not enough.

How do you leave your sub plans?  Do you have an emergency set of plans or do you leave plans that pick up whether you were teaching or not?  I tend to leave plans that continue where we were in class.  I don't like getting behind and I don't want my kids to think that a sub day is a play day or a learning free day.

I have a sub binder.  It's nice and pretty... even has an owl on the front of it!  (If you know me personally, you are saying yup or rolling your eyes!)

I did find this Substitute Teacher Binder packet on Teachers Pay Teachers last year and have used it ever since.  I modified it to match what I needed to leave to save my sanity and my sub's!

I leave lots of information for my substitute to follow, just so it is all at his or her fingertips.  Class rolls, bus lists, each has a tab.  When I get back to school, I'll take some photos to share.  These are the first two pages in my lesson plan tab...

So, share a little about your sub plans... 

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  1. Sorry to hear your little one's sick. I also like to leave very detailed's so hard to know what the sub is familiar with so I figure it's better to explain everything. I bought a sports theme pack from TpT and use that. I'm still trying to finalize everything I want in my binder, but I'm glad I have what I do have all in one place!

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