Monday, October 15, 2012

Lots and lots of anchor charts... and rain!

I am on an anchor chart kick lately... last year I did some, especially toward the end of the year with reading... but now I'm branching out from reading into math and writing.  More on that in a minute...

Today was a typical Monday... rainy, Fall chill in the air.  I actually woke up early... that never happens.  I am not a morning person.  Not by a long shot.  I set my alarm for 6 am but hit the snooze button numerous times... it's usually after 7 when I finally jolt awake and run around like a mad person.  My husband hated it when he worked 2nd shift.  But today, I only hit the snooze button a few times and woke up in time to shower, do hair, put contacts in, iron my pants (miracle!!) and get my daughter up in time to get her ready without rushing.  Still clocked in on time!  Well, that was where all my luck ran out... the Keurig ate my K-cup and I had to get another one :(  Those things ain't cheap...and I get "reprimanded" by hubs about the impracticality of purchasing said K-cup and after the gazillionth time it's all Charlie Brown adult on me.... you know, wahhh wah wahhh wahh wahhhhhhh.... 

Shhh.... I do have a small coffee maker that was mine but who wants to clean up a coffee pot or worry about leaving it on and drive all the way back to school to check and see? (Does it sound like I've actually done that??  a few times....) so, I'm really saving gas money...right?

Anyways, day got sad... all I'll say is that a call was made to Social Services... all teachers know what that means :(  Just say a prayer for my little friend...

I was observed today, too.  I hate being observed... doesn't matter by who or how long or what, I just hate that feeling of being under a microscope.  I was actually prepared (yay!!) lesson plans done, papers graded, lesson plans actually pulled up on my computer... ducks in a 4 S line! (straight, still, silent, and smiling!)  Wahoo!!  

I was working on my subtraction anchor chart with the kiddos when the principal came in...  We were about midway through it.  Here it is!

And, we're starting letter writing... anchor chart??  Oh yeah!

I can't wait to get these kids writing some letters!  I always enjoy teaching writing a friendly letter, don't know why!  Downside to this is that the kiddos start writing notes to each other!

Well, I was planning on leaving before 4 this afternoon, but I was making all my anchor charts pretty and didn't notice the thunderstorm heading my way...

This is what it looked like just as I picked up my keys to leave... it was POURING!  But it did let up enough that I did get in my car and drove home, just in time to see this...

Happy Monday and a better Tuesday!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I'm a huge fan of anchor charts and am glad to find some more!
    When you have time, take a look at my site.

  2. I like your letter writing anchor chart. Who do you write letters to? I need to start a unit on it, but can't wrap my brain around it, yet.
    What i have learned

  3. Beautiful! I pinned your Letter anchor chart . . . very nice!

    The Corner On Character

  4. Love that rainbow! We didn't get that rain here. But in my meeting in Bedford, I did notice some dark clouds! Anchor charts are wonderful. I need to start using them more!

    You have been boo'ed! Stop by my blog to join in on the fun!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  5. I love your anchor charts! I found you through Pinterest and just became your newest follower. Thanks for sharing! :)


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