Friday, July 13, 2012

Awesome followers and Social Media Buttons

I am completely overwhelmed with the responses of ah-ma-zing friends and followers who offered something for my first big giveaway!  I will be contacting all of you sometime today to see what you'd like to add to this giveaway.  

Whew...this is a lot of work :)  But my followers are well worth it :)

I've been slowly updating the look of my blog.  Saw a tutorial on Pinterest from Something Swanky on how to make your own social media buttons... I was in love.  I know, I should have been working on getting things ready for this giveaway, but ya know, this looked like fun.  Here's what mine looks like if you didn't notice it up top...

And it was uber easy.  Check out the link to Something Swanky to make your own buttons.  The geek is starting to come out!!

Since it is after midnight, I'm going to probably be posting twice in one day. Oh well...  Don't tell Miss Etiquette.  

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  1. I always do a midnight post and then post the next day.It's a bad habit but I don't mind!