Friday, April 20, 2012

Slacking, New Unit, and Funny for Friday

Yup, I'm a slacker (at least as far as blogging is concerned!)

I had a wonderful Spring Break and not so wonderful return to school.  Anyone with a 2 year old who has learned how to climb out of a crib, walk downstairs, climb into their parents' bed, and sleep like the letter X knows what I'm going through right now.  Argh!

Posted my new Homophone Hoopla! unit on TPT and TN if anyone is interested in browsing.  Also posted my April Themed Two-Step Word Problems...thinking about doing a May themed, too, but haven't gotten around to starting that one, either (slacker!)


A friend of mine just emailed me this photo and I about D.I.E.D. laughing.  So, I had to, just HAD TO share it with all of you.  Hope you find it as hilarious as I did.  

Happy Friday dear friends!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog on TpT! Hope you will follow my store and my blog! I teach 2nd grade in GA.