Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working on Measurement

We have been knee deep in m's lately....measurement, main idea, making their teacher go crazy...augh!  One week to Spring Break....I can see the light...thinking positively...AND the yearbook is submitted and DONE!  Relief!!

Haven't been totally inspired by much for measurement.  I teach length, capacity, and weight/mass.  (Yeah, telling time doesn't count for this in my book lol, even if the NCTM gods that be count it as measurement hehe).  

Anyways, I'm looking for some good measurement activities that won't drive me batty.  I make a quick one this afternoon that I will gladly share below.  Also, I'm looking for some ladybug art activities that could be placed inside a display case...found a few on pinterest but the whole grade level has to do something...ugh.  

Anyways again, the freebie is below.  Clipart is from Microsoft Office and the fonts are from Kevin and Amanda and  There, copyright police.  :)  Hope you can use this! Measurement Color