Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day

This will be quick and to the point because I'm late (surprise, surprise) to go meet my Grandmother to practice...We play the violin and piano together for church sometimes.  Anywho, I wanted to post this yesterday but didn't. 

I made you a freebie.  Yes, feel special. :)

I hope this will be sufficient for those copyright police, but I used graphics from Graphics from the Pond (y'all need to check out her graphics and materials on!!) and the fonts are from the wonderful Kevin and Amanda.


Hope you can use it!  A friend of mine makes a lot of these, and she had one for St. Patrick's Day using the word leprechaun.  So I thought I'd make one for the first day of Spring on Tuesday (I think Tuesday is the 20th....)  

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!


  1. I wanted you to know... I awarded you the Top 10 award. Check out my blog post, if you like.
    Squirrel-Bottom Diaries :o)

  2. Hi Haley,
    Would you believe that I was stopping by to also award you the Top 10 award?! Well it looks like you've been doubly awarded! That must mean something amazing!
    After stopping by many times, I've become your newest follower.
    Mrs. Castro's Class 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style

  3. Hey! I'm your newest follower! I love to look at other 2nd grade blogs. You can check mine out sometime too. I have many freebies because I don't know how to sell them and I don't have permission to sell them because I use D.J. Inkers.
    Second In Line

  4. I love your blog so cute!! I'm glad to have found you! Thank you for the freebie! I am your newest follower:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. Thanks for the freebie! I am excited to be your newest follower!

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  6. I am your newest follower. Cute!

    Swinging Through Second Grade