Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So excited!

I am so excited y'all.  Report cards are done (whew... can we please go to a 9 week marking period like everyone else in this world?) and I have finished my second unit to put on TPT!  I am just thrilled that I have finally found an outlet for this creativity!  To celebrate, I'm posting the recording sheet from my unit on ordinal numbers here.  Please check out my TPT store and follow me.  I do have lots of freebies on there also.

Yay :)


  1. I just uploaded the file onto Google Docs, but it's alllllll funky. It has some weird pages in between, but is still downloadable. If you don't want to fool with it, but would still like a copy, you can find it on the free preview to my Ordinal Number Candy Jars unit. You can click here to get it:

  2. Thank you for following my teaching blog! I am now a follower of yours too! Congrats on being done with report cards! We just finished parent/teacher conferences but still have report cards to do which go out the first week in December (we're on trimesters)!